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Episode 08/19/12

Today on the show, we witness the carnage that is unleashed on 10,000 innocent terrorists by Stallone and his murderous friends!  It’s the Cinema Recon of The Expendables 2!  (09:00)

In the news…

  • Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan 3!  (52:25)
  • The Last Stand trailer shows off Arnold’s 65-year-old guns!  (1:02:00)
  • Shia LaBeouf guaranteed to lose his virginity in Nymphomaniac!  (1:05:45)
  • When Stallone isn’t making action movies, he’s apparently making other action movies!  (1:12:20)
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Combat Boots!  (1:15:45)
  • John Goodman is NOT John Candy!  (1:20:10)
  • Sharks celebrate their 25th birthday! ..no, wait  (1:23:35)

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 08/19/12

Where are Jake’s Articles? That’s a Clown Question, bro…

What’s up Cinema Recon-ites!? Hows it hangin’? I was thinking today about some articles I wanted to write, and holy hell! Has it really been that long since I threw up an article!? Seems like just yesterday I was talking about The Expendables 2 trailer exploding all over your face, but now that I think about it – not including our regular podcasts – that was over a month ago! Its amazing what happens to all my free time to write once summer starts rolling around. I’ve been a tad bit busy to say the least – a couple camping trips where we got snowed on, fishing trips where all I caught was a good buzz, river rafting trip where I caught a nice sunburn, toured the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and almost got kicked out, a couple baseball games and a whole helluva lot of beers later and here I am slacking on my writing responsibilities to you, the reader! (hi mom)

But fear not, I have all the time in the world to write today thanks to the lovely folks at Clarke Pest Control who are fumigating our apartment complex for termites. We had to pack up all our shit and will be staying at the lovely Extended Stay America for the next three days. At first I thought Cassie said we were staying at Extended Steak America, and immediately thought we were staying at some sort of super awesome hotel that serves you steak and eggs for breakfast, steak sandwiches for lunch, and fish sticks for dinner (come on now, you can’t eat steak three times a day). Anyways, we went to the A’s game yesterday then came home and had to pack up our whole damn place. “So what?” you might think. Yeah, not that bad, except have you ever tried to move the contents of a 16 gallon fish tank to the second floor hotel room of an Extended Stay America? Yeah I didn’t think so! So shut it! Sorry, I didn’t mean that I am just a little testy since I pretty much didn’t sleep at all. The freaking bed sheets are like cardboard wrapped in god damn sandpaper at this place, its like sleeping between two belt sanders. But the good news is at least the shower drains properly, oh wait… right, it doesn’t. Nothing gives you that clean morning shower feeling like 4″ of standing water at the bottom of a hotel room shower. God only knows what exists beyond that drain…

But the reason I have time to write today, isn’t because of our fabulous hotel makes it such a serene environment to write, its because of moving a bunch of damn fish into a hotel, the limestone-like bed sheets, the bath/shower combo, and yes most likely having a couple too many $8 beers at the game yesterday… but I took today off!! Yesterday wore me the hell out and since I basically didn’t sleep at all, I just needed to relax today. Bad for my employer, good for you! So I’m hoping to get out a couple articles that I have been wanting to write. So sit back, grab a cold one, and stare at your computer until I write these articles!

A clip from Episode 04/01/12 – “Chuck Norris at Target”

While running through the Movie News segment, we start talking about how Expendables 2 is back to being rated R, after reports came out which stated that Chuck “The Round House” Norris himself basically told Sly Stallone to cut the movie down to PG-13 because he doesn’t like swearing. This leads in to a lovely tale about a Chuck Norris spotting in a local Target, and somehow that leads into yet another discussion on how in the hell do you really pronounce Liam Neeson? You can check out the full podcast of Episode 04/01/12 here where we review Wrath of the Titans in full, challenge you to a Liam Neeson best impression contest, and as always Movie News – Enjoy!

Episode 04/01/12

Today on the show, all the prayers in the world won’t save this movie from the wrath of Cinema Recon!  Its our review of Wrath of the Titans!  (10:24)

CR also wants to hear your best Liam Neeson impression! (listen to the show, we promise it will make sense)  Send us your best “Release the Kraken!!” impression (is there any other Liam Neeson one liner??) and we will send one lucky fan a Cinema Recon T-Shirt!

In the news…

  • The legacy of Steve Jobs is to be portrayed by the man responsible for Punk’d!  (52:05)
  • Liam Neeson will do his best Liam Neeson impression in The Dark Knight Rises!  (56:45)
  • Chuck Norris proclaims “Earmuffs!” as Expendables 2 keeps its R rating?!  (1:00:40)
  • Como Estan Bitches!  Anchorman 2 is happening!  (1:08:08)
  • Ridley Scott talks Prometheus rating! (Hint: it is not G)  (1:18:02)
  • Johnny Depp adds another face with Dark Shadows!  Jake is not happy 😦 (1:24:27)
  • Get your ass to…Earth?  The Total Recall remake has a trailer!  (1:27:50)
  • Indie darling The Avengers will show at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival!  (1:32:04)

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 04/01/12

Paging Doctor Terminator, Rambo needs a new catheter…

Boy oh boy. Its a good time to be in the movie business (yes I know I am not actually in the movie business per se, but let me have my moment god damnit!). Lots of good stuff floating around the Inter-webs ladies and gentlemen. I saw an article on Collider which is still causing my face to do that one thing where the corners of your mouth go up… smiling. That’s right, a big ‘ol smile.

It turns out that Rambo 5 is on hold until Sly Stallone finishes Expendables 2. The article which you can find here quotes screenwriter Sean Hood who says, “Rambo 5 on hold as Sly finishes Expendables 2. He hasn’t decided if R5 will be an Unforgiven or a “passing of the torch.” I would be on board for either of those options! Rambo + Unforgiven = Massive amounts of enemies heads going ‘splode! Or on the other hand… Rambo + “passing of the torch” = Rambo and someone else making massive amounts of enemies heads going ‘splode!

But the thing that really got me smiling was the picture they had along with the article. Apparently after filming Expendables 2, both Arnold and Sly were so beat up from the physical demands of the shoot, they both had to go into surgery to get a little tune up hahahaha. I guess Arnold snapped a picture and shared it with the world. Thanks Arnold… because that’s one thing we all we’re dying to see, the action stars of our time, laying on the gurney!

But, I don’t really think it matters what the movie is about really, John Rambo is a God damn American Icon. If we don’t have him, what do we have? We might as well use the Statue of Liberty as scrap metal! We need another Rambo movie to show this new generation of limp wristed, pale, skinny jean wearing, moca-latte sipping youth how we use to get things done in ‘Merica! Shoot first and ask questions never! I am a big Rambo fan, and I am whole heartedly looking forward to this next movie with whatever direction they decide to take it in… as long as its not Rambo: The Found Footage.

Haay, SLIIEE, loook at usss .... aaarrrrggggggg

Episode 01/21/12

Today on the show, Jake is at Sundance, Billy is in studio, and Paul learns that a boy can accomplish anything if he just dares to dream!

Billy graciously fills Jake’s shoes as guest co-host on the show, only to be roundhouse kicked out of them by Gina Carano in Haywire!  (04:35)

Cinema Recon has it’s first LIVE caller!!  And it’s…Jake??  That’s right Jake calls in from the Sundance Film Festival to give us a taste of the glitz, the glamour, and the hot tubs!  We also hear his thoughts on the Sundance darling Celeste and Jesse Forever!  (27:50)

That “other” awards show just wrapped up…Billy and Paul’s invitations must have been lost in the mail!  Regardless, it’s the Cinema Recon recap of the Golden Globes!  (1:00:40)

In the news…  (1:39:25)

  • Jack won’t be killing any Giants for at least another year!
  • Vin Diesel cosplays as Riddick!
  • Chuck Norris threatens to use graphic violence if producers won’t give Expendables 2 a PG-13 rating!
  • The newest Project X trailer promises us that the film is “Superbad on crack” …No, seriously.

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 01/21/12

Episode 12/18/11

It’s a very merry Cinema Recon Holiday Special!

Today on the show, we received our mission and chose to accept it!  It’s the Cinema Recon review of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol!  (07:55)

As an added bonus, we have seen (and barely understood…) the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises!  (14:15)

We also block punch, break ribs, and deflect haymaker!  Its elementary, dear Watson, with Cinema Recon’s review of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows!  (01:12:02)

We all know what true the meaning of the holidays is…PRESENTS!!  Paul and Jake exchange gifts in the very first Cinema Recon Secret Santa!  (52:10)

In the news…  (01:43:00)

  • New Trailers are abound in this week’s edition of Movie News!
  • Jack the Giant Killer sprouts forth!
  • Men in Black 3 flashes before our eyes!
  • Expendables 2 unloads a bevy of gunfire!
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation is the sequel nobody asked for!
  • ¡Casa de mi Padre esperamos que cuente con subtítulos!
  • Rock of Ages has us singing even more than usual!

Listen below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 12/18/11

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