Welcome to the home page for all of Cinema Recon’s shenanigans at SXSW 2012!  CR spent a week in Austin, TX and sponsored three incredible music showcases hosted by Deadbird Records!  During each event, we recorded some very special shows in the form of band interviews, movie reviews, and some unexpected surprises along the way!  Click on each event below!

Note:  Due to some language, all SXSW shows are NSFW!  Who knew musicians swore so much?!?

Day 1: The Wild and Only Ones

Live at the Sahara Lounge in Austin, TX!  Reviews of John Carter, Silent House, plus interviews with:

  • Young Mothers
  • Mister Loveless
  • Slowtrain
  • Merry Ellen Kirk & Rachel Pearl
  • Heypenny
  • Black Forest Fire

Go listen now!!!

Day 2: The Big Knife Party

Live at the East Avenue Lounge in Austin, TX!  Reviews of 21 Jump StreetThe Hunter, plus interviews with:

  • Seashell Radio
  • Young Mothers
  • Sareena Dominguez
  • Mister Loveless
  • Ancient River

Day 3: The Tombstone Tradition

(Coming Soon)

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