The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

An official photo of Disney’s upcoming action/adventure film The Lone Ranger was released yesterday.  The remake of the 1950’s classic television show stars Armie Hammer as the Ranger himself, while Johnny Depp is his Native American sidekick Tonto:

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer

My hat is hungry, Armie

I’m really starting to believe Johnny Depp will only do a movie if any of the following criteria are met:

  1. Tim Burton is involved
  2. Helena Bonham Carter appears
  3. Depp gets to wear an elaborate costume of some kind
  4. Depp gets to utter “Where’s the RUM!” at some point
  5. Free McDonald’s is provided

Truly we are a podcast divided when it comes to Johnny Depp:  I am a fan, Jake not so much.  I can absolutely understand why one would be turned away by him.  His loud, over the top, larger than life characters (especially lately) are spectacles that demand an audience’s attention.  If you are of the camp that believes less is more, you are certainly going to be annoyed while sitting through Pirates of the Caribbean.

But this is exactly why I enjoy Johnny Depp movies.  His is a craft that is not easily defined…something different every time he appears onscreen.  He has been at the point of A-list status for so long, he can choose any role he wants.  In doing so, he chooses some very bizarre characters.  To me, this truly embodies thespianism at its best.  Yes, I love and appreciate a strong, dramatic performance in a more grounded environment, but sometimes I’d rather get lost in a story that leaves realism at the door.  I welcome the fantastical set pieces, the whimsical plot lines, and the scene-chewing of characters like the one’s Depp has the luxury of portraying.

So I am of the opinion that this pic of Tonto is awesome.  Its ridiculous, overdone, and he has a goddamn bird on his head.  Fine with me.  Johnny Depp will take this wackiness and run with it, just as he does in every movie he’s in.  And at the end of the day, even if the movie is a flop, having Depp in the role will ensure a Tonto that is memorable and fun to watch.  Depp is quite good at his craft…whatever the hell that may be.

Does anyone even know what Johnny Depp actually looks like in person??

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