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Episode 07/01/12

There’s nothing to fear when we bring backup for today’s show!  Chris graces the CR studio for our review of Brave!  (0:13:25)

Also, Ted may just be the “foul-mouthed teddy bear movie with Marky Mark and the hot girl from That 70’s Show” that we’ve been asking for all these years!  (1:01:50)

In the news… (1:47:40)

  • Weekend Box Office Review!
  • The Kardashian’s can read?  Jake gets angry at books!
  • The Avengers wage war on your wallet with a massive 10 disc blu-ray set!
  • THREE Avatar films to be filmed back-to-back-to-crap!
  • Taken 2: Your Guy Killed All Our Guys!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 07/01/12

A clip from Episode 04/01/12 – “Chuck Norris at Target”

While running through the Movie News segment, we start talking about how Expendables 2 is back to being rated R, after reports came out which stated that Chuck “The Round House” Norris himself basically told Sly Stallone to cut the movie down to PG-13 because he doesn’t like swearing. This leads in to a lovely tale about a Chuck Norris spotting in a local Target, and somehow that leads into yet another discussion on how in the hell do you really pronounce Liam Neeson? You can check out the full podcast of Episode 04/01/12 here where we review Wrath of the Titans in full, challenge you to a Liam Neeson best impression contest, and as always Movie News – Enjoy!

A clip from Episode 04/01/12 – “Liam Neeson Impressions”

The review of Wrath of the Titans started off just as crazy as it ends… I think the Wrath got the best of us as we sit and wonder just why, for the love of Zeus, was nobody in that movie taking the end of the world seriously!? Come on people! From there we just go straight into a battle of who can do the best Liam Neeson/Sean Connery impression which leaves us pretty much in tears. By the way, the guy Jake says that Paul sounds like but couldn’t remember, yeah he was thinking of Giovanni Ribisis character from the remake of Flight of the Phoenix. You can listen to the full podcast of Episode 04/01/12 here where we review Wrath of the Titans in full, challenge you to a Liam Neeson best impression contest, and as always movie news – Enjoy!

Episode 04/01/12

Today on the show, all the prayers in the world won’t save this movie from the wrath of Cinema Recon!  Its our review of Wrath of the Titans!  (10:24)

CR also wants to hear your best Liam Neeson impression! (listen to the show, we promise it will make sense)  Send us your best “Release the Kraken!!” impression (is there any other Liam Neeson one liner??) and we will send one lucky fan a Cinema Recon T-Shirt!

In the news…

  • The legacy of Steve Jobs is to be portrayed by the man responsible for Punk’d!  (52:05)
  • Liam Neeson will do his best Liam Neeson impression in The Dark Knight Rises!  (56:45)
  • Chuck Norris proclaims “Earmuffs!” as Expendables 2 keeps its R rating?!  (1:00:40)
  • Como Estan Bitches!  Anchorman 2 is happening!  (1:08:08)
  • Ridley Scott talks Prometheus rating! (Hint: it is not G)  (1:18:02)
  • Johnny Depp adds another face with Dark Shadows!  Jake is not happy 😦 (1:24:27)
  • Get your ass to…Earth?  The Total Recall remake has a trailer!  (1:27:50)
  • Indie darling The Avengers will show at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival!  (1:32:04)

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 04/01/12

New Wrath of the Titans Trailer!

The new trailer for Wrath of the Titans may as well have Sam Worthington running around in front of a green screened cartoon.  Nearly every frame of this thing has some kind of CGI monster spewing/wielding some kind of fire/weapon.  Translation = it sure looks bad ass:

Ah, but looks can be deceiving!  Remember the initial trailer for Clash of the Titans?  That looked bad ass too!  The crazy special effects, the pulsating power cords…Liam Neesan belching “Release the Kraken!!”  And, well, we all know how THAT turned out (Translation = it was not bad ass).

Man…but that giant fire-monster-guy sure looks cool!  Arrrgh, what am I saying??  Fool me once, Titans…

Episode 01/29/12

Just as certain as a weather forecast from Punxsutawney Phil, Jake returns to Cinema Recon after his appearance at Sundance!

Today on the show, we are on the hunt for the first surprise hit of 2012 and may have found it in The Grey!  (07:00)

Jake plays the tuba, Paul is on the sax, and Thomas Horn brings his tambourine!  It’s the Cinema Recon review of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close!  (1:12:30)

We also discuss our thoughts on the recently announced Academy Award nominees and officially kick off the CR Road to the Oscars!  (40:18)

In the news… (1:48:00)

  • On this day, the Lord said “Let Terminator 5 be rated R”
  • Marvel promises to fill the current superhero movie void in the coming years!
  • How can we handle Broderick as Bueller on a day like the Superbowl?
  • In space, everyone will hear Guy Pearce‘s witty one liners!
  • Renowned non-union Mexican director Señor Spielbergo may direct Gods and Kings!
  • Stephen Dorff spends 90 minutes locked in a trunk full of cameras!
  • It seemed as though The Crow was calling his name, thought Caw…
  • Hangover 3 stars will each be given a small country for their character reprisals!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 01/29/12

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