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Episode 05/31/14

Today on the show, Disney challenges us to stay awake for their Sleeping Beauty reimagining…Its the Cinema Recon review of Maleficent(0:09:45)

Also, we have a few saddle sores after watching A Million Ways to Die in the West!  (0:48:30)

In the news… (1:18:50)

  • Our greatest fears confirmed!!  The leaked Jurassic World plot is true!
  • Josh Brolin IS Thanos!
  • Reboots-a-plenty!
    • Cliffhanger
    • Stargate
    • Starship Troopers

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 05/31/14

Episode 07/01/12

There’s nothing to fear when we bring backup for today’s show!  Chris graces the CR studio for our review of Brave!  (0:13:25)

Also, Ted may just be the “foul-mouthed teddy bear movie with Marky Mark and the hot girl from That 70’s Show” that we’ve been asking for all these years!  (1:01:50)

In the news… (1:47:40)

  • Weekend Box Office Review!
  • The Kardashian’s can read?  Jake gets angry at books!
  • The Avengers wage war on your wallet with a massive 10 disc blu-ray set!
  • THREE Avatar films to be filmed back-to-back-to-crap!
  • Taken 2: Your Guy Killed All Our Guys!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 07/01/12

Red Band Trailer for Ted is F#@%ing Funny as S#&%

First of all, lets be honest… If you are from the west coast, you want to have a Boston accent. Its just the coolest shit ever – period. And you wish you could swear uncontrollably like its second nature like people from Boston do. And you also wish that people didn’t look at you in disgust when you’re swearing uncontrollably like its second nature in front of small children like people from Boston do. OK I made that last bit up, I’m not entirely sure that people from Boston swear in front of little children but hey, a guy can dream cant he!?

Mark Wahlberg stars as our favorite Boston-accented dudes dude in the Seth MacFarlanes feature film debut, Ted. The story centers around John (Mark Wahlberg) and his girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) who have been dating for quite some time. Lori wants to get a bit more serious and wants John to ask his beer swigging, swearing, dirty, pot smoking pervert of a roommate Ted to move out. The only catch is that Ted… is a Teddy Bear. That’s right, he is a Teddy Bear who has come to life as a result of a childhood wish. Actually, it doesn’t even matter why there is a live walking talking Teddy Bear. All that matters is that it is hilarious as all shit to see Mark Wahlberg and a Teddy Bear sit there and swear like sailors, talk about sex with women, smoke pot and make it look like its second nature. This movie is definitely going to be over the top, and I cant wait. I think Family Guy is an extremely funny show, and this seems like it is going to be everything Family Guy just can’t be on TV (for obvious reasons). And I think if anyone can pull this off, its Wahlberg. Just check out the red-band trailer below – the scene at the end with Wahlberg rattling off about 50 different female names is just about as hilarious as it gets.

Ted is set to open in the US on July 13th, 2012. I’m definitely looking forward to this one, and all the commotion that is sure to be following. I just hope that ToysRus will carry the talking pull chord version of Ted, because my 4 year old niece would love it.

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