Paging Doctor Terminator, Rambo needs a new catheter…

Boy oh boy. Its a good time to be in the movie business (yes I know I am not actually in the movie business per se, but let me have my moment god damnit!). Lots of good stuff floating around the Inter-webs ladies and gentlemen. I saw an article on Collider which is still causing my face to do that one thing where the corners of your mouth go up… smiling. That’s right, a big ‘ol smile.

It turns out that Rambo 5 is on hold until Sly Stallone finishes Expendables 2. The article which you can find here quotes screenwriter Sean Hood who says, “Rambo 5 on hold as Sly finishes Expendables 2. He hasn’t decided if R5 will be an Unforgiven or a “passing of the torch.” I would be on board for either of those options! Rambo + Unforgiven = Massive amounts of enemies heads going ‘splode! Or on the other hand… Rambo + “passing of the torch” = Rambo and someone else making massive amounts of enemies heads going ‘splode!

But the thing that really got me smiling was the picture they had along with the article. Apparently after filming Expendables 2, both Arnold and Sly were so beat up from the physical demands of the shoot, they both had to go into surgery to get a little tune up hahahaha. I guess Arnold snapped a picture and shared it with the world. Thanks Arnold… because that’s one thing we all we’re dying to see, the action stars of our time, laying on the gurney!

But, I don’t really think it matters what the movie is about really, John Rambo is a God damn American Icon. If we don’t have him, what do we have? We might as well use the Statue of Liberty as scrap metal! We need another Rambo movie to show this new generation of limp wristed, pale, skinny jean wearing, moca-latte sipping youth how we use to get things done in ‘Merica! Shoot first and ask questions never! I am a big Rambo fan, and I am whole heartedly looking forward to this next movie with whatever direction they decide to take it in… as long as its not Rambo: The Found Footage.

Haay, SLIIEE, loook at usss .... aaarrrrggggggg

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