The Lizard Halloween Costume: It’s Scary, Alright

Over at, I just saw that leaked images of The Lizard, from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man, have made their way onto the interwebbings. …or I should say, leaked images of a guy wearing a Lizard Halloween costume. If you thought the Pez version of The Lizard was bad, you may want to look away:



Holy shit. He looks like he’s concentrating really hard on something. Either that or he’s constipated. Isn’t The Lizard supposed to frightening?! This is about as scary as a character from Wind in the Willows.

We see stuff like this all the time: early peeks at otherwise secretive portions of films coming from toys, costumes, lunch pails, etc. With the amount of marketing that goes into one of these blockbusters, it’s gotta be harder than ever for a studio to keep their arms wrapped around the entire thing.

Even without an official response from Columbia Pictures, I would say these are probably a pretty accurate look at what we will get in the final film. I am going to withhold any further criticisms until I see the final movie but….oh man. A lot of people have already made the observation that he looks like one of the Goombas from the atrocious 1993 film Super Mario Bros.

They are (unfortunately and hilariously) spot on.


Check out for the full story and additional images.

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