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Anthony Hopkins IS Alfred Hitchcock!

Whaddup Cinema Reconists!  Today, courtesy of People, we get our first look at Anthony Hopkins in the upcoming film Hitchcock!

Which Hitch is which?!?

One of my all time favorite actors playing one of my all time favorite directors?  Yes please!  The biopic will center around Alfred Hitchcock’s production of the 1960 classic Psycho.  While growing up, I became very familiar with and fond of Hitchcock’s work through my mom, a huge fan herself (The Birds is one of our favorite films of all time).  She was the original family horror/thriller aficionado.  While many of my childhood  friends were not allowed to watch such things, my mother was always willing let me watch ANY horror movie I pleased with her (just as long as there was no nudity… because, while monsters, murderers, and mayhem are clearly acceptable, bare breasts apparently send young children into a frenzy of mind melting chaos).  Like her, I was immune to the scares and simply became fascinated with the entire genre, which then led to my current state of horror-loving fanaticism.

Maybe I can convince Condog (Connie, my mom, to people who aren’t down with the lingo) to come along with Cinema Recon when Hitchcock hits theaters in 2013…

Arnold Schwarzenegger: World’s Greatest Comedian

Paul, I signed your diploma

If there is one person on this Earth that deserves their own Truman-esque reality show, its Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The man can’t finish a sentence without making me laugh, whether its calling my state “Caleeforniah” or telling me to “Get My Ass To Mars!”

Just read this quote from, where Arnold confirms and comments on the planned Twins sequel, Triplets:

“I would love to do another ‘Twins,'” Schwarzenegger said when asked if there were any past characters he’d like to revist. “As a matter of fact, we’ve been talking about doing one and it’s called ‘Triplets.’ I’d find somebody like Eddie Murphy or someone that people would say, ‘How does that happen, medically speaking?’ and, ‘Physically, there’s no way!’ Then, somehow, we would explain it. That would be hilarious with what we know about someone like him.”

“I can see a poster,” the actor continued. “A billboard with us three. ‘They found another one!’ ‘Triplets!’ ‘Only their mother can tell them apart!’ I would do that in two seconds, because that’s real entertainment. You come out with that movie for Christmas, like December 5th or something like that, and you’re home free.”

Gold.  I could listen to him read the instructions on the back of a Monopoly box, and I guarantee it would be better than any episode of Two and a Half Men.  Better yet, give him a cooking show!  OH!  Baseball play-by-play announcer!  “Striiiike threeeeeeAhhh!”  Just get this guy on TV somehow where he has to talk NON STOP, and as no other character but himself.  Shit, make this a 24 hour Arnold only channel.

Arnold has just got this certain charm about him…a certain “say what I see” humor that can’t really be pulled off by any human being.  Its as if you’ve been cornered by your little cousin and now you must listen to him describe each of his GI Joe action figures down to the most minute, insignificant detail…oh, but your little cousin was also the Terminator.

As has been mentioned from time to time on the show, if you’ve never had the joy of listening to a DVD commentary by Quaid himself, 1) Get an Arnold DVD, 2) Find some friends, and 3) Stop laughing so much, you’re laughing far too loudly, and it is annoying the elderly neighbors.  Just listen to the following “Greatest Hits!” from his Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines ramblings.  Some of my favorite lines include:

The Marble wall was two inch thick Marble…that I punched through with ease

If this world deals with big breasts, then so be it, I’m just gonna have bigger breasts

Oh my god, did you see Schwarzenegger naked?  They showed his butt!  I even saw something in front!

A Short Clip of Episode 4/01/12

Well, we sat down to review Wrath of the Titans, but immediately got side tracked discussing why Jake is too lazy for April Fools Day Pranks, the difference between a Chevron and a Hotels continental breakfast, and the proper way to lock a pizza delivery guy in your basement… eventually we get around to the show, but here is a short video clip of the intro to Episode 4/01/12…enjoy!

By The Beard of Zeus! Anchorman 2!!

Ron Burgundy himself, without the use of cue cards, just made this announcement on Conan:

For so long it seemed a no-brainer that a sequel would be made to the 2004 hit Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.  After much stalling however, it had turned into a buried and dead project.  Will Ferrell, a long time champion of the character and film, seems to finally have talked Paramount Studios into … for just one more movie … being co-people.

Open Invitation – We want your thoughts on The Hunger Games!

Now that The Hunger Games is breaking all sorts of records at the box office, and nearly half the entire population of the planet has seen the movie, it comes time for the reviews/criticisms and thoughts to start rolling in. We completed our review this weekend of the massive hit movie The Hunger Games on the latest podcast you can listen to here, or find it on iTunes. But it was interesting to see the consensus among the group was very split.

So I wanted to use this as an opportunity to get a better feel for what everyone else thinks, you, the pulse of America! What say you about the blockbuster that is The Hunger Games??? I am very surprised to see the critics raving about the movie (currently 85% on RT), while everyone I know who has read the books hated it, and those who haven’t read the books have mixed feelings. But I wanted to get some opinions from you, the listener, the viewer, the Cinema Recon-ite, about what you thought about the movie!

So this is a call to all of you reading, an open invitation to comment below and tell us your thoughts, rants & raves, opinions, all of it, about what you really thought of The Hunger Games. I really want to know what John Q. Movie-goer thinks about this movie. We will respond to all questions and comments – and let you know what we think! Happy commenting and may the comments always be in your favor… sorry I just had to do it!

Hungry Hungry Hunger Games.

I Totally Recall When There Wasn’t Trailers for Trailers

A teaser trailer for the trailer for the Total Recall reboot was released today (via, via Columbia Pictures).  You can watch the preview of a preview of a reboot here:

Not that trailers for trailers are anything terribly new, but it always makes me laugh.  How plugged in to the hype-machine are we nowadays?  It certainly makes me long for when the first way I would hear about a film would be by wandering through the local movie theater halls and seeing it in poster form…

Look for the full length trailer on Sunday, April 1 (Game of Thrones Season 2 also begins Sunday, btw!) during the NBA Celtics/Heat match up.  Shortly after the debut trailer, an extended trailer (so does that make the above a pre-pre-tease??) will then be released to the masses via, copies upon copies on Youtube, and carrier pigeon.

Total Recall will be released in theaters nationwide on August 3, 2012, sans Arnold Schwarzenegger.

CR Has Seen The Hunger Games!

The Cinema Recon Studios have been extremely busy as of late.  Now that we are back from Austin, TX, we have nearly 20 hours of content to pour over and prepare for pod-pressing.  As we have been mentioning through Tweets, FaceSpaces, and posts to the website, we have many excellent movie reviews and interviews with bands from the 2012 SXSW event!  Look for some very special CR podcasts to land on the internets very soon…

In the meantime, business is back to normal for us in terms of show scheduling.  You may have heard of a little film called The Hunger Games, yes?  Well, the film earned a paltry $155 million this weekend, which was enough to crown it the 3rd biggest weekend opening of all time.  You can count Jake, Cassie, and myself as contributors to that giant pile of money, and we have the newest episode of Cinema Recon to prove it!

In the latest and greatest episode, you will hear:

  • Our review of The Hunger Games, with Cassie returning as guest!
  • How Lionsgate is celebrating the huge success of its latest release
  • Why we can’t wait for Season 2 of Game of Thrones
  • Our thoughts on the TMNT-aliens-Michael Bay controversy
  • Why we can’t stop watching the newest Prometheus trailer
  • The questionable sounds of Paul’s new clipboard

Check back soon to stream or download the 3/25/12 show!!

This would be easier if 'American Woman' wasn't stuck in my head ... thanks Lenny


The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

An official photo of Disney’s upcoming action/adventure film The Lone Ranger was released yesterday.  The remake of the 1950’s classic television show stars Armie Hammer as the Ranger himself, while Johnny Depp is his Native American sidekick Tonto:

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer

My hat is hungry, Armie

I’m really starting to believe Johnny Depp will only do a movie if any of the following criteria are met:

  1. Tim Burton is involved
  2. Helena Bonham Carter appears
  3. Depp gets to wear an elaborate costume of some kind
  4. Depp gets to utter “Where’s the RUM!” at some point
  5. Free McDonald’s is provided

Truly we are a podcast divided when it comes to Johnny Depp:  I am a fan, Jake not so much.  I can absolutely understand why one would be turned away by him.  His loud, over the top, larger than life characters (especially lately) are spectacles that demand an audience’s attention.  If you are of the camp that believes less is more, you are certainly going to be annoyed while sitting through Pirates of the Caribbean.

But this is exactly why I enjoy Johnny Depp movies.  His is a craft that is not easily defined…something different every time he appears onscreen.  He has been at the point of A-list status for so long, he can choose any role he wants.  In doing so, he chooses some very bizarre characters.  To me, this truly embodies thespianism at its best.  Yes, I love and appreciate a strong, dramatic performance in a more grounded environment, but sometimes I’d rather get lost in a story that leaves realism at the door.  I welcome the fantastical set pieces, the whimsical plot lines, and the scene-chewing of characters like the one’s Depp has the luxury of portraying.

So I am of the opinion that this pic of Tonto is awesome.  Its ridiculous, overdone, and he has a goddamn bird on his head.  Fine with me.  Johnny Depp will take this wackiness and run with it, just as he does in every movie he’s in.  And at the end of the day, even if the movie is a flop, having Depp in the role will ensure a Tonto that is memorable and fun to watch.  Depp is quite good at his craft…whatever the hell that may be.

Does anyone even know what Johnny Depp actually looks like in person??

Your Honor, These Skittles should be Gold Plated!

How do we, as rational human beings, stand in a line and quietly pay for food  that is marked up 300% with no explanation given to us other than “because we can”?  Why do we not throw a fit of obscenities and revert into a primal state of rage, just tossing objects and people across the room?!?!  Who can possibly justify accepting a premise so absurd??

And yet, we do it all the time.  In airports, in Disneyland, and yes, in the cinema.  But finally, someone has the gall to stand up for the rest of us sheep!  The Detroit Free Press reports that one man is suing AMC Movie Theaters because their concessions are too high!  Nary a one of us shall again have to kneel over the guillotine and buy Twizzlers for $9.00!!  Or a medium Soda for $6.75!! (for just a quarter more you can make it a large and really, why the hell wouldn’t you?)

Okay, so maybe the insane popcorn prices aren’t going anywhere just yet, but I found this lawsuit particularly interesting, being that I spend quite a bit of my free time in a theater.  Certainly this case will be dismissed long before it gets any real traction.  If Law School has taught me anything, it’s that 99% of all suits will never see a day in court, whether they are dismissed or settled early on.  Basically, people sue over some of the wackiest shit.

So what then does this guy hope to accomplish?  It is pretty well-known that theaters make all their money from concession sales.  If they were mandated by law to sell their Goobers at minimum prices, what do you think is going to happen?  The ticket prices will go up!  Attacking the theaters, as crazy as those Milk Dud prices may be, is aiming a little too far down the root of the problem.  It’s the prices imposed by the film distributors in an already concentrated industry that are really driving the M&M costs through the roof (often distributors will charge 50-70% of a theater’s ticket revenues for the license of one film).

You could do what I do: get yourself a Jake of your very own and have him carry all those Sour Patch Kids in his cargo shorts.  He’s like a big, bearded purse that complains a whole lot.

Thanks to Cinema Blend for pointing this story out to the masses!

New Trailer for The Cabin in the Woods!

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming horror romp The Cabin in the Woods.  Again, this new trailer plays up the angle that “you think you know” the formula for every horror movie.  What starts off as a Friday the 13th/Cabin Fever/Wrong Turn vibe quickly diverts into the realm of SciFi, with security cameras, underground laboratories, and invisible force fields!  Have a gander at the full trailer here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The film will premiere at SXSW on March 9th (how convenient for us! …Now if we can just get passes…), but there is a little more than meets the eye with this one.  You see, Cabin in the Woods was shot in 2009!  This is always a scary caveat for a film.  Usually when a film sits on a shelf this long, a studio has no confidence in it.  They will generally wait to release such a stinker when the rest of their film schedule permits, and with zero marketing behind it.

And yet, I am hopeful.  Sure, I’m a sucker for all things horror, but this in particular could be a fun time.  It has a rather unique premise, was co-written by Joss Whedon (director of the upcoming Avengers), directed by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield), and stars a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth.  How can it be bad?!

Hopefully Cinema Recon manages to sneak into the SXSW premiere.  If we do, you can bet we will be reviewing it on an upcoming show, along with the other film premieres we have already confirmed (21 Jump Street and The Hunter).  I don’t like to make predictions, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say this will be the best horror movie of 2012 to feature Thor battling invisible force fields.

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