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New Trailer for The Cabin in the Woods!

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming horror romp The Cabin in the Woods.  Again, this new trailer plays up the angle that “you think you know” the formula for every horror movie.  What starts off as a Friday the 13th/Cabin Fever/Wrong Turn vibe quickly diverts into the realm of SciFi, with security cameras, underground laboratories, and invisible force fields!  Have a gander at the full trailer here:

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The film will premiere at SXSW on March 9th (how convenient for us! …Now if we can just get passes…), but there is a little more than meets the eye with this one.  You see, Cabin in the Woods was shot in 2009!  This is always a scary caveat for a film.  Usually when a film sits on a shelf this long, a studio has no confidence in it.  They will generally wait to release such a stinker when the rest of their film schedule permits, and with zero marketing behind it.

And yet, I am hopeful.  Sure, I’m a sucker for all things horror, but this in particular could be a fun time.  It has a rather unique premise, was co-written by Joss Whedon (director of the upcoming Avengers), directed by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield), and stars a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth.  How can it be bad?!

Hopefully Cinema Recon manages to sneak into the SXSW premiere.  If we do, you can bet we will be reviewing it on an upcoming show, along with the other film premieres we have already confirmed (21 Jump Street and The Hunter).  I don’t like to make predictions, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say this will be the best horror movie of 2012 to feature Thor battling invisible force fields.

Roll 4 Deep with this Neighborhood Watch Teaser!

Stiller.  Vaughn.  Skinny Jonah.  And…um…that other guy.  Just the cast alone looks great (aside from that other guy, who at first glance I thought was Jemaine Clement.  Had that been true, this movie’s cast would have made my head explode).  As Jake commented to me today, and I quote, “Stiller and Hill might make the perfect comedic match,” and I tend to agree.  Jake also went on to say, “Paul is way cooler than me” and “I regret having never seen Cats live.”

Check out the teaser trailer for Neighborhood Watch below:

Not mentioned anywhere in this trailer, mind you, is the true plot of the film:

Suburban dads form a neighborhood watch group to get time away from their families, only to discover a plot to destroy Earth. -IMDb

That’s right: Earth.  As in alien invaders.  Probably not Nazi-Alien invaders, but aliens all the while.  Hmmmmm…As excited I am to see this comedic trio in one movie, this has the potential to get awfully zany awfully quick.

Wanderlust Red Band Trailer Released

Do you remember The State on MTV?  I do.  And fondly.  I was a huge fan of the short-lived sketch comedy series, and was sad to see it disappear in 1995.  Flash forward a few years to 2003 where several of the cast members reassembled to create the huge hit Reno 911!  Later in 2007, nearly all of The State was back together again for the film Reno 911!: Miami.  And there was much rejoicing.

Why am I talking about The State? Because the upcoming comedy Wanderlust will be reuniting many of the cast members once again!  (David Wain directed and the film features Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, and Kerri Kenney-Silver)  A new red band trailer (that means it has naughty words, NSFW) was just released today through Break.com.  Check it out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The first trailer I saw forWanderlust didn’t really resonate with me, BUT after learning of The State’s involvement and seeing this new trailer, I’m actually thinking it could be a good time!  My, how easily swayed I am.

International Teaser Trailer for Prometheus!

While we don’t really see anything new here in comparison to the previously released teaser, I can’t help but post up the latest bit of Prometheus news.  The International teaser was just released and, yup, it still gives me chills:

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I honestly cannot remember the last time I have been more excited for a film.  The mystery swirling around this movie, the relation to the Alien universe, the fact that director Ridley Scott wants to “scare the living shit out of you“…it is just the right amount of hype to make someone like me go apeshit with anticipation.

Cinema Recon will be all over this when it releases on June 8, 2012, you can be damn sure of that!

Trailer for Intruders is Straightforward Horror!

Well thanks are in order to Jake for pointing out this trailer to me today.  He knows full well that I cannot resist a new horror film, let alone a new horror trailer!  Have a gander at Intruders below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Intruders looks kind of like your typical, straight up slasher: disguised man wants you dead, will kill anyone in front of him along the way.  This is certainly not a bad thing.  Quite the contrary, a good horror film can follow the slasher structure to a “T” and still be successful.  Horror fans are a funny breed in that we can watch, what many could call, the same damn movie over and over again.  But the familiar is what we often love about the genre!  I for one love a good slasher, knowing that a new, annoying group of teens is about to get off’ed.  The variety comes in the settings, the twists, the kills, and the killers (often time even the killer is the same, as I have re-watched dozens of Friday the 13ths dozens of times).

Here our twist seems to be in the form of the supernatural.  Hard to get a good idea from the trailer, but for the most part, it looks pretty great! (Don’t look for it to get any higher than a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, mind you)  It will undoubtedly get a lot of first-glance comparisons to The Strangers, just from the title alone.  I also found myself thinking of the Tooth Fairy for some reason while watching this (not the abomination starring The Rock, but the actual/fictional Tooth Fairy).  Anyone else get that vibe?  Weird…

Look for Intruders in limited release on March 30, 2012.

Foreign or Domestic…Lincoln Will Kill Vampires

A new International Trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter arrived on our doorsteps today!  I present it to you below in all its history-warping glory!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This movie continues to surprise me, as I like this trailer even more than the one we got here in the States!  Again, what seems to make this film look so slick is that fact that it does not bullshit by taking its somewhat silly premise lightheartedly:  This is dead serious vampire-slaying-Lincoln-starring awesomeness!

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