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Roll 4 Deep with this Neighborhood Watch Teaser!

Stiller.  Vaughn.  Skinny Jonah.  And…um…that other guy.  Just the cast alone looks great (aside from that other guy, who at first glance I thought was Jemaine Clement.  Had that been true, this movie’s cast would have made my head explode).  As Jake commented to me today, and I quote, “Stiller and Hill might make the perfect comedic match,” and I tend to agree.  Jake also went on to say, “Paul is way cooler than me” and “I regret having never seen Cats live.”

Check out the teaser trailer for Neighborhood Watch below:

Not mentioned anywhere in this trailer, mind you, is the true plot of the film:

Suburban dads form a neighborhood watch group to get time away from their families, only to discover a plot to destroy Earth. -IMDb

That’s right: Earth.  As in alien invaders.  Probably not Nazi-Alien invaders, but aliens all the while.  Hmmmmm…As excited I am to see this comedic trio in one movie, this has the potential to get awfully zany awfully quick.

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