The Dark Reich of the Moon

Holy sweet merciful God, wasn’t I just talking about ludicrous premises and mash-ups in film when we discussed the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?  No sooner had I made that post did I stumble across this little trailer, released today, for Iron Sky:

Nazis from the freakin’ moon attacking present day New York in UFOs and blimp-shaped spaceships all coming out of swastika-shaped moon bases…Oh and Sarah Palin is in it.  I shit you not.  I am exhausted just having typed that, let alone having watched it!

Well that’s it then.  Hollywood has gone insane.  Somewhere a vein has popped and film studios are flinging bat-shit crazy movies at us.  I don’t think I’m over reacting when I say the biblical Apocalypse is upon us.  Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… Nazis on the goddamn moon.

Touché, Blind Spot Pictures.  You looked a President battling Nosferatu square in the eye and said, “You think that’s nuts?  Well WE have lost our fucking MINDS!!”


….And we’ll probably go see it.

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