In Jeremy Renner, an action star is Bourne… get it?

The Hollywood Reporter brings us the wonderful news that the trailer for The Bourne Legacy has gone online! So get ready to run across the rooftops once more, but this time with Jeremy Renner! Renner will star as Alex Cross, another agent of the Treadstone/Blackbriar/Enter Cool Name Here program which creates super duper assassin-hit-men-solider-guys! I’m excited to see Renner do some more hand to hand combat fighting after what we saw of him in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. But to my note above I really hope there aren’t any more rooftop foot chases… we’ve seen enough of that.

This movie does start to line up quite the action packed summer movie line up for 2012 though, which makes this dude pretty excited. Ready (take a deep breath) – we have The Avengers, Battleship, Snow White and the Huntsmen, Prometheus, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Amazing Spider-man, The Dark Knight Rises, Bourne Legacy, Total Recall, and Old Men and Explosions Expendables 2.

You can check out the trailer for The Bourne Legacy below. It is expected to hit theaters August 3rd so text me on your non-traceable cell phone and I’ll see you there.


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