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If you only watch ONE trailer this year…

…Then watch Iron Sky with those batshit-crazy Nazis on the goddamn moon!

BUT, if you watch TWO trailers this year, make sure the other is this one:

After four months of preparation, Jimmy Kimmel released his epic Movie: The Movie upon the masses last night following the Academy Awards.  This star-studded behemoth really is something to behold.  I found myself “el oh elling” more than a few times.  You can also check out the website for the “film” here.

Episode 02/18/12

Today on the show, we stare Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance straight in the flaming dead eyes and say “That’s enough Nicolas Cage!”  (07:29)

Also, what happens when a cyborg holds the key to a young boy’s destiny??  The battle for the future will be fought in the past…in Cinema Recon’s review of Hugo!  (42:40)

In the news…  (1:11:29)

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 02/18/12


Episode 02/11/12

Today on the show we have BIG news!  Cinema Recon will be taking our show on the road and attending South by Southwest this coming March!  We are also proud to unveil our new logo this week!  And don’t forget about our upcoming LIVE broadcast during the 2012 Academy Awards February 26th!  (02:50)

Cinema Recon explains why there may be more danger than you think in Safe House!  (12:20)

Also, not even a silent film can shut us up on this show!  It’s the Cinema Recon review of The Artist!  (44:50)

In the news…  (1:23:40)

  • The Amazing Spider-Man has a new trailer, and Jake refuses to buy into the hype!
  • Nazis.  On the moon.  Deal with it.
  • Osama Bin Laden.  As a zombie.  Deal with that, too.
  • The 300 sequel has cast its new Persian King, Xerxes…with a bearded white guy?
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt : Hollywood :: Cinema Recon : Podcasting  (Answer:  He’s a hard worker)
  • Rapid Fire Casting News!!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 02/11/12

The Dark Reich of the Moon

Holy sweet merciful God, wasn’t I just talking about ludicrous premises and mash-ups in film when we discussed the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?  No sooner had I made that post did I stumble across this little trailer, released today, for Iron Sky:

Nazis from the freakin’ moon attacking present day New York in UFOs and blimp-shaped spaceships all coming out of swastika-shaped moon bases…Oh and Sarah Palin is in it.  I shit you not.  I am exhausted just having typed that, let alone having watched it!

Well that’s it then.  Hollywood has gone insane.  Somewhere a vein has popped and film studios are flinging bat-shit crazy movies at us.  I don’t think I’m over reacting when I say the biblical Apocalypse is upon us.  Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… Nazis on the goddamn moon.

Touché, Blind Spot Pictures.  You looked a President battling Nosferatu square in the eye and said, “You think that’s nuts?  Well WE have lost our fucking MINDS!!”


….And we’ll probably go see it.

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