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Episode 05/18/14

On this gargantuan edition of Cinema Recon, we pack on the pounds for a massive review of Godzilla(0:08:15)

Also, we bust out the flip cups and paddles for our review of Neighbors!  (0:51:30)

In the news… (1:22:25)

  • Ben Affleck shows us his own version of Sad Batman!
  • Channing Tatum shuffles and deals as the new Gambit!
  • Star Wars begins filming, and there’s no way these movies can be bad…right?!
  • Interstellar releases the first full trailer, and we drool all over it!
  • The Gotham TV series has a trailer of its own!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 05/18/14

Episode 01/26/14

Today on the show, find out if we’re bullish or bearish for Scorsese’s latest outing … Its the Cinema Recon review of The Wolf of Wall Street! (0:09:20)

Also on the show, we discuss the powerful impact of the film Lone Survivor(0:48:20)

In the news… (1:14:45)

  • Hugh Jackman will play someone other than Wolverine!
  • Paul talks video games, Jake drinks coffee!
  • Not even Star Wars rumors can keep us on topic!
  • That reminds me of Robcop’s stupid looking hand!
  • What was I just talking about?!
  • Oh yeah, that’s right, Michael Douglas was a great Batman!
  • No wait, I mean…Fantastic Four is getting ready to suck again!
  • etc..etc..etc…!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 01/26/14

Episode 01/20/14

Today on the show, we can promise no tricks, cons, or general bamboozling… Its the Cinema Recon review of American Hustle! (0:05:20)

Also, there’s waterworks aplenty for our review of Saving Mr. Banks(0:45:20)

In the news… (1:16:15)

  • Cinema Recon talks 2014 Oscars!
  • JJ Abrams confirms people like Star Wars!
  • Groundhog Day to become a musical!
  • Paramount Pictures ditches 35mm!
  • Ben Afleck will re-invent the Batman suit!
  • Weekend Box Office!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 01/20/14

Episode 11/18/12

Today on the show, get out your pen lasers, steady your poison dart cuff links, and strap on those jet propelled roller skates!  …It’s the Cinema Recon review of Skyfall!   (0:10:30)

In the news… (0:56:10)

  • Tom Hardy IS Sam Fisher!
  • Twilight goes out with a sparkly bang!
  • Star Wars rumors!
  • Popeye gets his own shameless 3D movie!
  • World War Z has a trailer!
  • Steve Jobs: The Movie: The App!
  • An alphabet horror movie?
  • Saw director to helm MacGyver!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 11/18/12

Episode 11/04/12

Today on the show, we follow the heartfelt story of a video game villain trying to show the world he can become a hero!  It’s the Cinema Recon review of Argo!  (0:10:50)

Also, six United States diplomats are trapped in revolutionary Iran where one man will attempt to save them using the most unlikely means…in none other than Disney’s Wreck It Ralph!  (0:53:10)

Wait a second…

In the news… (1:30:00)

  • Disney buys Lucasfilm!
  • Matthew Vaughn out, Brian Singer called in for new X-Men!  (Brett Ratner’s phone remains silent)
  • Arnold to reprise Conan role with 48% less dubbing this time!
  • Jamie Foxx cast as Electro!  Sidekick most likely Blankman

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 11/04/12

Star Wars: The Pre-School Sing Along

Oh my.  I … I simply cannot begin to write the description for the following video.

I watched it.  Let it digest for a second.  Then I thought of all sorts of jabs and jokes I could make about it.   They practically write themselves!

But as I write this post, its just…its just really difficult to cope with the fact that this thing even exists.  I don’t even want to joke about it.  This is no laughing matter.  This is the cold, hard truth that entertainment is driven by financial figures and demographic polls.  This is George Lucas saying, “Yes, I have heard all of your complaints about the direction of the Star Wars franchise.  And NO, I don’t care.  Don’t believe me?  Watch THIS!”

The fact of the matter is, George Lucas is in the business of making money.  He does not care if your childhood is tarnished.  He does not care if Han shot first.  He does not care if you think Jar Jar is annoying as shit.  Why?  Because special editions make money.  Because re-tooling characters can appease a broader audience.  Because little kids like annoying shit.

And so it is.  This official Star Wars: Episode 1 trailer will make George more money.  It will reach a broader audience.  And it will cause little kids, who have no idea what Star Wars is, to perk their ears and beg their parents to take them to see it in extra profitable glorious 3D.

The Internets are, without a doubt, roaring over this trailer.  I suppose I could bemoan along with them.  Although, it would not be very surprising for me to tell you I don’t like this (I don’t).  It would not be very shocking if I said this is utterly hilarious (it is).  So I will simply just present this to you, so you can mull it over for yourself.  And when you can finally put those thoughts into words, just realize… it doesn’t matter.  Because at the end of the day, George has still found another way to turn one dollar into two.

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