Star Wars: The Pre-School Sing Along

Oh my.  I … I simply cannot begin to write the description for the following video.

I watched it.  Let it digest for a second.  Then I thought of all sorts of jabs and jokes I could make about it.   They practically write themselves!

But as I write this post, its just…its just really difficult to cope with the fact that this thing even exists.  I don’t even want to joke about it.  This is no laughing matter.  This is the cold, hard truth that entertainment is driven by financial figures and demographic polls.  This is George Lucas saying, “Yes, I have heard all of your complaints about the direction of the Star Wars franchise.  And NO, I don’t care.  Don’t believe me?  Watch THIS!”

The fact of the matter is, George Lucas is in the business of making money.  He does not care if your childhood is tarnished.  He does not care if Han shot first.  He does not care if you think Jar Jar is annoying as shit.  Why?  Because special editions make money.  Because re-tooling characters can appease a broader audience.  Because little kids like annoying shit.

And so it is.  This official Star Wars: Episode 1 trailer will make George more money.  It will reach a broader audience.  And it will cause little kids, who have no idea what Star Wars is, to perk their ears and beg their parents to take them to see it in extra profitable glorious 3D.

The Internets are, without a doubt, roaring over this trailer.  I suppose I could bemoan along with them.  Although, it would not be very surprising for me to tell you I don’t like this (I don’t).  It would not be very shocking if I said this is utterly hilarious (it is).  So I will simply just present this to you, so you can mull it over for yourself.  And when you can finally put those thoughts into words, just realize… it doesn’t matter.  Because at the end of the day, George has still found another way to turn one dollar into two.

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