The Dark Knight Advertises!

Unless you have been living under a rock, which happens to be under an even larger, more socially inhibiting rock, you should know that the internet is abuzz today with the release of the full The Dark Knight Rises Trailer.  I feel it is a good idea…nay, my duty to post the trailer here for your viewing pleasure on Cinema Recon (The trailer is hosted on Apple and I found it embedded on Trailer Addict):

On the upcoming show, you will hear Jake and I discuss the 6 minute preview we saw prior to the IMAX screening of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. In my humble-yet-often-more-correct-than-Jake opinion, this new trailer is much more exciting than what we saw Thursday night.  Here, we don’t have to deal with Bane’s grainy voice and we see a lot more of the overall film (plus that football stadium scene…yowsers).

I for one am far more excited than I used to be for this movie.  The “behind the scenes” leaks were killing my anticipation, but now that the film has wrapped, I can just sit back and enjoy the trailers and viral marketing!

What did you think?

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