The Pixel Washing Machine! (wash non-colored items separately)

Although Paul and I both really liked the movie The Thing (2011), there was one part that really stood out from the others, and not in a good way. It really was a WTF moment towards the end of the movie. Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character Kate has chased The Thing across the frozen landscape and into its spaceship. She must prevent it from reaching civilization at all costs. As she is tip toeing around the innards of the spaceship, she stumbles on what appears to be a mysterious power source or computer of some kind, most likely of extreme power or intelligence. But what do we as the viewer see… a random assortment of floating colored pixels. Literally.

I have no idea what the visual effects crew was going for… but I’m pretty damn sure they missed the mark. What the audience sees is just a random mess of colored pixels floating in circles. I bet its one of those things that is really cool in concept, but then when you start to develo… wait, no… never mind, its not even cool in concept.

But I thought it was so funny that I couldn’t resist but to share it with you the way I saw it. So without further adieu, as promised from the 10/16/11 show here is my rendition of the mysterious power source/Crayola factory that Mary Elizabeth Winstead stumbles upon which I have deemed… The Pixel Washing Machine!

Ugh... where do I put the bleach?

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