Episode 11/06/11

Today on the show, we climb the highest building we can find and contemplate taking a plunge after watching Tower Heist(05:44)

We also pledge allegiance to the flag, high-five Uncle Sam, and root for the little guy (who becomes a bigger, stronger little guy)!  It’s the Cinema Recon review of Captain America(1:30:50)

Where have all the Action Heroes gone?!  Cinema Recon gathers the most iconic Action Stars of yesteryear…and celebrates their metaphorical deaths in our childhood memories!  It’s Cinema Recon’s Funeral for the Action Heroes!  (42:20)

In the news…  (2:19:05)

  • A video game franchise is being made into a movie, and the creators are getting creative control??  Blasphemy!
  • Bill Murray is…The Penguin!  No wait…FDR!
  • Forbes’ has discovered mathematical proof that no one likes Dru Berrymore! (Nobel Prize to follow)
  • The recently announced title of the 23rd Bond film has us shaken…AND stirred!
  • Marvel puts the X-Men franchise into the hands of the man who nearly killed it!
  • Arnold takes a break from making illegitimate children and returns to film!
Listen below:
Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 11/06/11

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One response to “Episode 11/06/11

  • Anonymous

    WARNING: Do not listen to this show while sitting in a public place..it will lead to random bursts of laughter and odd looks from Starbucks patrons..

    Think I’ll go eat a Cold Cut Combo from Subway and drink a nice cold Snapple while I indulge on the rest of the show….

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