Episode 10/16/11

Today on the show, we strap on our flame throwers and make snow angels with the new release of The Thing(04:30)

We also project our super-powered teenage angst onto the DVD review of X-Men: First Class(1:37:39)

Cinema Recon is fed up with the PG-13-inization of movies for the benefit of studio wallets.  We also discuss alternative names for the (likely PG-13) fifth Die Hard film, A Good Day to Die Hard!  (59:36)

In the news…  (2:32:09)

  • Hot Dog flinging Drive fan attacks Tiger Woods!
  • Another intelligent Drive fan seeks justice for false advertising!
  • Michael Myers, hard up on cash, may return to Halloween for just $500!
  • We’ve seen the new Avengers Trailer!
  • Fantastic British film Attack The Block to be remade, converted from English to…English??
  • Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones UNMASKED!!
  • Shawn Levy to make a new Pinocchio?  And 19 other films, apparently.
  • Superman is homeless and shredded!!
Listen below:
Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 10/16/11

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