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Episode 10/22/11

Today on the show, we get down and dirty with backroom dealings and political scandals in our review of The Ides of March(05:22)

We also gouge our faces off and choke down the worst tasting candy bar on screen today!  Its our stomach churning review of The Three Musketeers(1:37:46)

CinemaRecon.com is finally LIVE!  And to celebrate such a momentous occasion, we give you a behind the scenes look into the preparation of a typical Cinema Recon show!  (53:35)

In the news…  (2:21:23)

  • Chipotle isn’t satisfied with our stomachs, they’re after our hearts, too!
  • Eminem to star in a movie to document his illustrious and overlooked boxing career!
  • Starship Troopers 4 is going to be a real thing!  (shhh, Jake doesn’t know it will be a cartoon)
  • The new Twilight Zone has a director…the writer of Under Siege 2: Dark Territory!
  • Evil Dead to be reaching for its boomstick once again!
  • Joss Whedon filmed a portion of the new Avengers with a rotary telephone!  (…or his iPhone.  Either way, we call shenanigans)
Listen below:
Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 10/22/11

Episode 10/09/11

Today on the show, we go 12 rounds with the newly released Real Steel(06:41)

We also draw comparisons between the DVD release of Hanna and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants(1:18:10)

Cinema Recon ponders whether or not the Superhero movie genre is beginning its descent.  (48:33)

In the news…  (1:49:23)

  • Universal thinks you’ll pay $60 to watch Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy!
  • The new Avenger Trailer is coming!
  • Bruce Banner IS….Derrick Zoolander!
  • That new, obscure TV Show “The Simpsons” may be facing cancellation before it could find its stride.
  • Is Warner Bros. getting ready for a Twilight Zone movie?!  (Bonus: no sparkly vampires will be involved)
  • Farmville: The Movie.  Yeah.  Really.
Listen below:
Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 10/09/11

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