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Episode 03/28/14

Today on the show, we go deep undercover with friend-of-the-show Arnold Schwarzenegger to review Sabotage(0:10:00)

Also, we’re on a boat! With our flippy-floppies! It’s the Cinema Recon review of Noah! (0:54:00)

In the news… (1:44:00)

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Reboot, now with more trailer!
  • FINALLY…The Rock…has come BACK to Cinema Recon!
  • Not to be left out, will Indiana Jones get the reboot treatment?!
  • Dumb and Dumber To gets eloquently positive reactions from CinemaCon!
  • Terminator: Genesis brings us wrinkly terminators!
  • Chris Evans hanging up the shield!
  • Prometheus 2 is off to a very scary start…

Listen Below:

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First Trailer is Out For HERCULES Starring Dwayne Johnson!!!

Check it out! The first trailer is out for the Brett Ratner directed Hercules, starring none other than The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson! I have been saying it for a long time, that this generation really lacks an action star with that true star power, like Arnold, Stallone, and Willis use to have… that’s why those guys are still making movies, cause they are still bad ass, and there is nobody else to fill that void. Well, wait no more, I think he has been slowly creeping up on us all and I think Dwayne Johnson is a great actor to fill those (giant) shoes and step in as the action star of today…

Now don’t get me wrong there are a lot of ways this movie can go south… I mean after all, Ratner did direct Tower Heist and X-Men: The Last Stand. You can check out our review of Tower Heist here, and that gives you a pretty good idea of what Paul and I think about Brett Ratner. And don’t even get us started on X-Men: The Last Stand… ouch. But hopefully he has learned some lessons between then and now, and at least he has someone like The Rock starring in Hercules, who is entertaining enough on the screen that he can probably carry a bad movie if he needs to, hell he can probably carry a small elephant if he needs to.

But with that said, check out the first trailer for Hercules below…

The trailer introduces us to the story and sets up this version of Hercules, so there isn’t a lot of action shown off here. But Johnson looks awesome as Hercules, and the effects looks pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself (I do, I do say so). Be on the lookout for more trailers down the road which are bound to showcase a lot more action! Let us know what you think about the trailer in the comments section!

Like action movies like Hercules? Be sure to check out our review of 300: Rise of an Empire here!

The Rock as Hercules?

MGM is seeking a lead for Bret Ratner’s Hercules, and they may have found him in The People’s Champion.

Don't touch my Powerbar

Variety tells us today that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (no matter how many times I hear that full name, I laugh) is in discussions with MGM to be the titular (I laugh when I hear that too…don’t judge me) half man, half god.

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s true: this would be a first in the portrayal of Hercules in cinema.  What a bold move for the studio!  I hope you’ll join me in commending them for hiring an actor who, for the first time ever in the role of  Hercules,  was also the Tooth Fairy.

Hey, my kids gotta eat too!

Bravo, MGM.  You’ve given inspiration for millions of other freakishly strong guys out there who have sold out for boatloads of cash.

In all honesty, I like The Rock (just not enough to see Journey 2).  Remember his cameo in the Reno: 911 film?  Hilarious.  And I would be excited to see a new Hercules film.  Is it wrong, though, if I really, really want it to look something like this?…

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