Awesome new posters up! (posters may not actually be posters)

It’s funny how time changes things isn’t it? Gas use to be $.99 a gallon, TV only had 10 channels, and Paul use to be funny. Movies use to have soul, depth and meaning, their titles were unique and clever, and their posters and advertisements were pieces of  artwork that tried to wrap up different elements of the film into a single poster, and was something that you looked forward to seeing at the theater. They stood tall and long, draped over the side of a wall, or hanging from the ceiling. You walked in and saw a poster for a movie you had never heard of and the poster alone gave you this awesome impression and usually made us say things like, “that looks bad ass” or “…dude, so awesome.”

But times are a changing’. Gas is $4 a gallon, TV has about 6,000 channels, and Paul is… well, he’s trying ladies and gentleman, give him some credit. I am not sure if this has been going on for some time now or if it is something rather new, but the art of movie posters seems to be very different today than it used to be. I feel there use to be a lot more thought put into movie posters than there is nowadays. Take the following poster from the upcoming Expendables 2… it’s just a bunch of guns! I feel like they are dumbing down movie posters so that the average movie goer who reads at a 4th grade level can understand what the movie is all about… in this case, MACHINE GUNS! YAY! The poster just consists of people looking one way or another, and pointing machine guns. But since The Expendables 2 is pretty much all about machine guns, maybe this is a bad example.

My mustache makes me angry.

The other thing I don’t like about today’s movie posters is this… THEY ARE NOT POSTERS AT ALL! This really bothers me! All of the movie news sites across the Internets constantly have updates about the “new posters” released for such and such movie. But here is the deal, I have never once seen any of these “posters” in a local theatre or in any physical form whatsoever! So if they never get turned into actual posters, then they aren’t really posters at all but rather just digital images on your computer screen which makes me feel completely ripped off! Hollywood is taking the cheap way out and just throwing these images online without the least bit of effort put into them. They don’t pay the extra buck to actually produce a physical product to be put on display, but rather just throw something up on the Internets. And we all know, if Paul can put something on the internet, then anyone can do it! I just wish I could walk into a theater and get excited by the awesome movie posters like I use to. But instead, I guess I’ll just go on the Internets and look at a picture of this guy laying on the ground…

Classic case of guy on the ground.

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