Episode 11/20/11

Today on the show, we put on our monocles, ponder our own mortality, and dabble in thoughts of existentialism…Actually we are nowhere near that serious, it’s Cinema Recon’s review of Immortals(09:15)

We also get our manny peddies, done got our hair did, and catch a bouquet thrown by the DVD release of Bridesmaids(01:16:35)

You didn’t think we would do a show and not mention Twilight, did you??  Cinema Recon takes a long, sympathetic look at fanatical fans and some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises!  (47:15)

In the news…  (01:57:50)

  • Tweens rejoice!  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is out, and makes boo koo (boo coo?… beau coup??..) bucks!
  • The epic, hour-long trailer for Mirror Mirror has been released!
  • Tyler Perry hires Kim Kardashian and is essentially printing his own money at this point
  • Netflix wants you to forget about that whole price hike thing, and brings you a NEW season of Arrested Development!
  • How much wood would a Woodpecker peck if he got his own feature film?!
  • The Dark Knight Rises has finished filming!  …Now what will we complain about??
  • We watch the new trailer for Haywire and Paul falls in love with an actress who will kill him three times before he hits the floor

Listen below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 11/20/11

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