Ryan Reynolds and Ethan Hawke are interchangeable!

Well, at least according to Denzel Washington they are. Maybe I’m just coming off of the anger of my last post about Arnolds new movie The Last Stand being very similar to Walking Tall with The Rock. But I cant help but notice similarities between Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds new movie Safe House, and a little gem from 2005 that I really like called Assault on Precinct 13 starring Ethan Hawke and Laurence Fishburne (hey you cant always get Denzel, or Samuel Jackson, or Will Smith…).

According to Collider.com Safe House is a story about “A young CIA agent (Reynolds) who must team up with a dangerous criminal in order to survive when their safe house is destroyed by mercenaries.” While that is all fine and dandy, and while the plot isn’t explicitly unique, the trailer looks extremely similar to Assault on Precinct 13. Maybe its just because they do the classic bad guy good guy team up in both? Or is it because they do the classic, black guy white guy team up in both? I don’t know what it is, but I cant wait to see it either way. Denzel is always awesome when he plays a bad ass, and Reynolds… well, lets just hope this gets him back on track after Green Lantern, which Paul and I have appropriately placed here, where it belongs. It looks like Reynolds might be able to pull off the tough guy act, but lets just hope he leaves his CGI at home this time.

Hey, you don't look like Ethan Hawke...

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