Taylor Lautner will not act like a Werewolf… or an actor.

If you listened to the 10/22/11 show, you know that I was at a loss for words (for once) when I asked Paul what he thought the “W.S.” stood for in Paul W.S. Andersons name. His reply – Paul “Wesley Snipes” Anderson, which was just about the best response imaginable. So when I read that Taylor Lautner will be starring in an Indie movie directed by Gus Van Sant I thought I was going to have comedic gold on my hands…. comedic “shit-gold” as we like to say. Werewolf jokes, stabs at his horrible acting, and shirtless puns to say the very least. But after I finished reading the article on THR, I was just… at a complete loss.

I just cant figure this out. Lautners last movie Abduction was just ripped apart by critics, and its no secret that his acting is… ummm, yeah. According to the article, Lautner is “determined to work only with top directors and writers from now on as he strives to define himself as an actor.” Good for you buddy, good for you. But I hate to point out one tiny little flaw in your strategy, usually its a two way street. I would love to work with top notch talent too, but unfortunately I’m stuck with Paul.

Does the success of Twilight automatically entitle Lautner top notch scripts and directors? Sure he wants to work with them, but does anyone in their right-mind want to work with him!? I could see if it was a movie geared towards the same audience (13 year old girls/Paul) and they wanted him on board to sell tickets… but an Indie flick!!?? I don’t see his hairy acting skills (Werewolf… hairy… get it? Come on I had to get one joke in there) lending themselves very well to an Indie film. But I could be wrong, his skills could pay off if the movie is about people who don’t wear shirts, or about people who are horrible actors, or about a Vampire and a Werewolf fighting over their love for a human girl… oh wait.

Hey look, my face is weird.

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