Hey look at the found footage I found!

If you took a look with your ears holes at the most recent show we did on 10/22/11, in the movie news section I was stammering over the name of a found footage superhero movie that I had read about. I was saying Carnival… well, it turns out the name of the movie is Chronicle (I was close enough).  It follows three high school teenagers who come into some superpowers (sweet find dudes!) and of course they have some fun by playing pranks and what-nots. But just like mom says, it’s all fun and games until someone uses their superpowers to drive a jeep off a cliff into a river and kill someone.

Paul says he is sick of the found footage genre, and I agree but it does look like they are taking some of the “shaky cam” out of this one, probably in an attempt to stop movie-goers from getting motion sickness and throwing up all over each other. Either way, I think this looks pretty damn sweet from the trailer. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on this one. Chronicle is scheduled to release in ‘Merica on February 3rd 2012.

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