The Happening is… er, well… happening.

If you have browsed the awesomeness that is the Cinema Recon website you will know that we have what we like to call a “Shit List.” And it is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Movies that we deem to be bad… really bad. One of the movies on that list happens to be M. Night Shamalanga-ding-dongs botanical masterpiece, The Happening. But after reading this article from, I am not so sure it still belongs on there. Apparently The Happening, is actually happening!

According to the article, 136 students at Kompong Cham high school in Cambodia collapsed while they were all standing at attention as punishment (probably for not listening to enough Cinema Recon). Apparently a nearby bunch of trees, some being medicinal oil trees (silly Cambodians) absorbed all the oxygen and low and behold, BAM! all the kids all pass out.

I guess these kids never saw The Happening, or else they would have known to stay away from trees, and plants, and grass, and bushes, and Mark Wahlberg. But just because The Happening might actually be happening doesn’t mean we’re taking it off the “Shit List” anytime soon, but it does mean that if you find yourself near a Cambodian medicinal oil tree, hold your breath!

Psst... hey, come over here so I can murder you.

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