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Happy Halloween from the Peoples Hulk!

Check out The Rock, painted up all snazzy like for Halloween as none other than one of The Avengers himself… The Incredible Hulk! Raise your hand if you would have rather seen this version of The Hulk than that one thing with Eric Bana in that one movie… Happy Halloween!


The Hulk IS Mark Ruffalo IS Derek Zoolander!

A few months ago, we commented on how Mark Ruffalo seemed to be doing his best Zoolander impression.

Now, thanks to a wonderful screen by screen recap of The Avengers Superbowl trailer by io9.com, we have a great shot of The Hulk giving us his best “Green” Steel pose:

This is by far our best view of The Hulk yet.  After seeing him cause a ruckus and stand amongst the other Avengers in the explosive new trailer, I for one am pretty excited for what’s in store.  Still, a side by side by side comparison shows that The Hulk is going to need a bit more work turning left:

Ruffalo, on the other hand, has got it nailed

Cinema Recon will no doubt be front and center when The Avengers releases May 4, 2012.  You can check out the extended Superbowl trailer below!

Mark Ruffalo is Derek Zoolander!

As discussed in the 10/09/11 show, the headshots for the new Avengers film were recently released to Entertainment Weekly.  Amongst our constant laughing, you may have been able to tell we thought Mark Ruffalo’s pic in particular was…amusing.  Bottomline, he looks exactly like Derek Zoolander.  Don’t believe us?!  Check it out:

Uncanny….  If Mark can steer clear of any freak gasoline fight accidents between The Avengers and the eventual Zoolander 2, he may have a starring role in that movie as well.

You can follow this link to check out Superhero Hype’s article containing all the remaining Avengers headshots.

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