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First Trailer is (Back) Out for FOXCATCHER Starring Channing Tatum!

Now now ladies, calm down it’s not what you think. “Foxcatcher” is nothing like “Chippendales” which is nothing like “Magic Mike.” So you can just forget right now about seeing a shirtless, sweaty Channing Tatum prancing around with other dudes… Well wait, maybe not, since Foxcatcher is about wrestling (real wrestling, not that – pull a folding chair out from under the ring and smash it over the other guys face type wrestling). The trailer was posted a while ago, but the movie was then pushed back, so the trailer got pulled (or something like that happened). But now the movie is playing at Cannes so the marketing engine is back up and running. The trailer and official synopsis is below –

FOXCATCHER, a psychological drama directed by Academy Award® nominee Bennett Miller (MONEYBALL) and starring Golden Globe® winner Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Academy Award® nominee Mark Ruffalo, Academy Award® winner Vanessa Redgrave and Sienna Miller, will have its World Premiere on Friday, November 8 as the Opening Weekend Gala. The film was written by E. Max Frye and Academy Award® nominee Dan Futterman. FOXCATCHER tells the story of Olympic Gold Medal-winning wrestler Mark Schultz (Tatum), who sees a way out from the shadow of his more celebrated wrestling brother Dave (Ruffalo) and a life of poverty when he is summoned by eccentric multi-millionaire John du Pont (Carell) to move onto his estate and train for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Desperate to gain the respect of his disapproving mother, du Pont begins “coaching” a world-class athletic team and, in the process, lures Mark into dangerous habits, breaks his confidence and drives him into a self-destructive spiral. Based on actual events, FOXCATCHER is a gripping and profoundly American story of fragile men who pinned their hopes for love and redemption on a desperate obsession for greatness that was to end in tragedy

I am beyond excited for this movie. Actually I wouldn’t even say excited is the right word, this movie just looks so damn interesting. I started wrestling when I was about five years old up until I was about 20 or so, so this subject matter is extremely relevant. Plus the fact that this unbelievable story is based on actual events is just icing on the cake, icing on the crazy unbelievable cake. With an almost unrecognizable Steve Carell, what appears to be a shy, introverted Channing Tatum, and the always great Marc Ruffalo, this movie is also sure to have performances that will really bring some weight to this already heavy story. Couple that with the fact that its directed by Bennett Miller who directed Capote, and Moneyball which Paul and I both loved (you can listen to our review of that here), this movie has all the makings of an amazing film. I can’t say enough how excited I am for this movie. Let me know what you think about this trailer in the comments!

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Plus, be sure to check back this week for the new podcast where Paul and I will discuss this trailer in more depth, and we’ll be reviewing the new movie Transcendence!


The Hulk IS Mark Ruffalo IS Derek Zoolander!

A few months ago, we commented on how Mark Ruffalo seemed to be doing his best Zoolander impression.

Now, thanks to a wonderful screen by screen recap of The Avengers Superbowl trailer by io9.com, we have a great shot of The Hulk giving us his best “Green” Steel pose:

This is by far our best view of The Hulk yet.  After seeing him cause a ruckus and stand amongst the other Avengers in the explosive new trailer, I for one am pretty excited for what’s in store.  Still, a side by side by side comparison shows that The Hulk is going to need a bit more work turning left:

Ruffalo, on the other hand, has got it nailed

Cinema Recon will no doubt be front and center when The Avengers releases May 4, 2012.  You can check out the extended Superbowl trailer below!

Mark Ruffalo is Derek Zoolander!

As discussed in the 10/09/11 show, the headshots for the new Avengers film were recently released to Entertainment Weekly.  Amongst our constant laughing, you may have been able to tell we thought Mark Ruffalo’s pic in particular was…amusing.  Bottomline, he looks exactly like Derek Zoolander.  Don’t believe us?!  Check it out:

Uncanny….  If Mark can steer clear of any freak gasoline fight accidents between The Avengers and the eventual Zoolander 2, he may have a starring role in that movie as well.

You can follow this link to check out Superhero Hype’s article containing all the remaining Avengers headshots.

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