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The Amazing Spider-Man is only mediocre at swinging from shit.

All the Internets are buzzing right now with the new and improved trailer for The Amazing Spider-man. In all honesty, and if you’ve been listening to any of the shows, or hanging around outside my living room window (please stop), I am not looking forward to this movie all that much. I mean yes, I am looking forward to it in the standard amount I guess, but I really have no excitement built up for this movie.

I cant quite figure out why I am not excited though. Maybe its because they started moving on this reboot before Spider-man 3 was even released in theaters. Or maybe because I’m not buying the emo, dark depressed, me against the world Andrew Garfield – the kid who plays Peter Parker. Or maybe its because, for the love of God, it still looks cheesy as all hell seeing someone swing from buildings!!!

I don’t understand how this could possibly be difficult! Michael Bay can use CGI to turn a Rubik’s cube into a god damn robot the size of the Sears Tower with more moving parts than the number of plastic surgeries Joan Rivers has had, but for some unknown reason nobody can seem to make the simple physics of an object swinging up, and then swinging back down look real! Its ridiculous!!!

Either way, as Paul and I say after talking about a movie that we really aren’t all that interested in… I’ll see it. And you know what, I will probably think its OK. But I promise you this… I WILL be covering my eyes during all “swinging from buildings and shit” scenes.

Don't be mad Jake. Its not his fault he cant swing like meeee!

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