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American Reunion Full Trailer!

Ah…nostalgia.  It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?  It gives us a warm feeling inside, makes us feel like we are among old friends….oh and it also makes movie studios boatloads of cash.

Behold, the new full trailer for American Reunion!  You’ll be saying “I remember when…!” in no time:

Remember when Jim had awkward sex talks with his dad?  Remember when Stifler said something inappropriate at the most inopportune time?  Remember when Jim’s Dad banged Stifler’s mom?!?  …okay, so that’s new.

Of course, as we like to say on this site, we will probably see it.  I really enjoyed the first two American Pie films, as they were pretty fresh back in good ol’ 1999.  It wasn’t until a few years later that they started cranking out the direct-to-DVD Americans that the franchise just turned into the mundane and a boob-parade for 14-year-old boys to rent at their local Blockbusters.

So, I for one welcome the current lull in each American actors’ career!  This means a) they are willing to return to the franchise that boosted them in the first place (a-la Vin Diesel), b) enough time has passed that we really would be curious to see another American Pie, and c) Hollywood can provide us with nostalgic entertainment at a nominal fee!  More Sherminator, please!


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