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EVIL DEAD Red Band Trailer

Not to be outdone by the glorious new trailer released yesterday for Iron Man 3 (which Jake presented to you here), a little film called Evil Dead has released a trailer of it’s very own.  Being that this is not only a horror film, but one of the highest profile horror films to be released this year, I would have to immediately hand over my overly certified horror-card if I was to post nothing in the face of such a gloriously gory event.  Warning: NSFW, as this is the RED BAND trailer…

While there’s no Boom Stick to be found, I am having trouble remaining still and not spouting incessant amounts of “zomg!!@#” or “wantwantwantnownownow”.  Yes, I’ve heard early internet murmurings that this looks like over the top torture porn.  No, I do not subscribe to this belief.  Any fan of the first Evil Dead will know the extent Sam Raimi went to deliver an outrageously frightening, excessively brutal,  and serious-as-a-heart-attack affair.  The humor (which I enjoy as well) was not a party to Evil Dead until the sequels.  Will the remake be able to hold it’s own among the previous trilogy?  Regardless, I refuse to accept any response to THIS trailer other than “Bad. Ass.”

I’m on board.  Sam and Bruce are on board.  The touchy-feely tree is on board.



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