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“You Best Believe, Boy, There’s Hell to Pay”

Today, in Totally-Awesome-Things-That-Are-Almost-Movie-Related, the History Channel has released a teaser trailer for the forthcoming Hatfields & McCoys. Do yourself a favor and watch it here!

While this will not be arriving in a theater near you, after seeing this trailer, I certainly wish it was! If this doesn’t make you excited to see Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton wage some neighborly war, I don’t know what will. Maybe it’s the awesome choice of music for the teaser. Maybe it’s because I am a big Costner fan. Or maybe I just get all giddy-like every time we revisit the Western genre in film. Take your pick, ’cause this perfect storm of guns and grit has me fired up for a television mini-series…and when can you every say THAT without being an unapologetic fan of the Hallmark Channel??

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