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I want more satchels dammit! And… and stitching… yeah!

Ok so if you have listened to any of the past shows you have probably heard us talk about the new Avengers movie, and the cast, and our thoughts, etc. You have also probably heard me talk about how I think they have completely ruined Captain Americas credibility by the updates they have made to his costume! Captain America: The First Avenger was a a pretty awesome movie overall. And what made that movie for me, what really grounded it, was the fact that his costume was believable. It was very heavy duty, looked like it was made out of very thick, tough fabric, you could see the stitching on it, it had lots of straps and satchels and shit all over it. It looked like a real, hardcore world war whatever army costume. It was bad ass.

Now fast forward (or if your Captain America just stay frozen in ice) to present day. Cap gets busted out of ice, says word-up to Sam Jackson, enjoys a stein of fine lager with Thor, joins The Avengers, and then gets the lamest costume out of all of them! What a rip off! This guy is Captain God-Damn America people, Show some respect! His new costume is all nice and bright and shiny, no more heavy fabric, and don’t even get me started on the lack of satchels!

I’m just afraid that they are taking a step in the wrong direction and actually reverting back to the costume of the early Cap movies… or not, maybe I am making too much of this. All I know is that when all the Avengers are facing impending doom, backs to the wall, and they need Captain America to gather all the magic power crystals or whatever the fuck ever, and run them over to Iron Man so he can place them in the ACME machine to break the avengers free and save the world all while still using his hands to punch bad guys in the face… he better have enough damn satchels.

Has anyone seen my satchels??? I could have swore I left them up here.

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