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Episode 12/11/11

Today on the show, we get dieting tips from the worst babysitting movie we have ever seen…Its the Cinema Recon review of The Sitter!  (09:20)

We also cheat in English Class by watching the movie instead of reading the book…Paul and Jake review The Help!  (54:25)

In the news… (01:46:29)

  • We play a rousing game of Battleship while watching the new Transfor…er, Battleship trailer!
  • The new Cabin in the Woods trailer tells us we know nothing about your typical horror movie!
  • Idiot kids are encouraged to act like idiots in movie theaters!
  • Daniel Craig tells us that Quantum of Solace was a bad movie…also the grass is green and the sky is blue!
  • Celebrities play dress up!
  • Tom Cruise says Top Gun 2 can be his wingman any day!
  • Are they CRAZY?  Lionsgate is making An American Psycho remake!
  • Patty Jenkins says Thor 2 is for the boys!
  • The new trailer for The Three Stooges pokes us in the eyes and slapsticks our faces off!

Listen below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 12/11/11

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