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Celeste and Jesse Forever First Trailer

Back in January we did a show that was extremely advanced, it was light years ahead of its time, utilizing technology that most people could not even imagine in their wildest dreams. Many scientists to this day still hold that that show contained one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of our time, opening the doors for unlimited advancement in the areas of quantum physics, string theory, advanced spatial calculus, and communications. That’s right, in January I was in Park City Utah attending the Sundance Film Festival while Cinema Recon was in San Francisco, CA recording a show and they had their first LIVE caller… ME! That is right folks, using  advanced mathematics, special triangulation calculations, and a very long string attached to a very large tin can, I called in to Paul and Billy recording the show all the way from two states away! I know I know, the line between magic and science is blurring everyday!

While I was tens of thousands of miles away (ok, ok… 766 miles) on the other side of the world (ok, ok… Utah), I was mostly doing a lot of snowboarding and partying with a group of friends, BUT I was lucky enough to score a ticket to one film that was premiering titled Celeste and Jesse Forever. Starring  Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg, the film follows two lifelong best friends who end up getting married… and then realize it’s not really right for them, and takes you through the trouble they have losing each other as a husband and wife, and also as a best friend. I thought the film was a giant breath of fresh air in an otherwise reboot/relaunch/rehash cinematic movie world that we live in. You can listen to my review live from Sundance here, on Episode 1/21/12. The film takes on some serious tones all while maintaining a realistic level of comedy that literally had me laughing out loud (that’s LOL’ing for you hip cool kids with your pants saggin’ around your bottoms) throughout the whole movie. I am really excited to see this again and see how it holds up, or if all the Sundance hype altered my feelings about this movie.

Everybody in this film is terrific – Rashida Jones is awesome, Andy Samberg tries to downplay his goofiness but is still goofy and funny, co-writer Will McCormack has a fantastic and hilarious role as a stoner friend/drug dealer, and Elijah Wood as Rashida Jones’ gay, eccentric and over the top co-worker is awesome. After I saw the film at Sundance the full cast and crew came out to do some Q&A which was really cool. You can check out my footage of that here on our YouTube channel. Overall it’s a great cast that tells a serious and very funny story. It might be one of my top 5 movies this year actually (thanks to the huge disappointment of Prometheus, poop). The way this trailer is cut makes the movie look a bit too much like your standard romantic comedy/drama but that’s because I’ve already seen the movie and I know it’s much more than that. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think! Celeste and Jesse Forever opens August 3rd.

Celeste and Jesse Forever Trailer

Celeste and Jesse Forever cast and crew Q&A from Sundance 2012!

Whats up everyone!? I made it back alive! While attending the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah, I was able to see a glorious movie called Celeste and Jesse Forever. This was an absolutely amazing film written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, and directed by Lee Toland Krieger. Starring Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Elija Wood, and Will McCormack, Celeste and Jesse Forever is a realistic tale about a couple going through a divorce who were, and remain to be, best friends. This is the romantic comedy/drama you always wanted to see. This movie is real, this movie is emotional, funny, captivating, and above all a damn near perfect movie.

When the movie was over we were lucky enough to have the cast and crew come out on stage for some Q&A. From far left at the podium you have Lee Toland Krieger, then to the center of the stage from left to right, a guy a didnt catch his name, Will McCormack, Elija Wood, Andy Samberg, and Rashida Jones. I know the video is slightly blurry, it is from my phone from a bit back from the stage, but the audio is great.

Cast and crew interview Part 1 –

Cast and crew interview Part 2 –

One of the best parts is when an audience member asks the cast “what did you think of the whole experience?” and Andy Samberg unleashes some of his comic genius – Its hilarious.

Listen to me call in live from Sundance and review Celeste and Jesse Forever with Paul and Billy here on Episode 1/21/12.

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