Disney Buys Lucasfilm!

Well, amidst hurricanes and landslides, Disney has ponied up over $4 BILLION and purchased The Star Wars Co. (Lucasfilm).   Collider reports that the mega-company has just become a mega-mega-ginormous-company.

And not wasting any time, Disney went ahead and announced that they will release EPISODE 7 IN 2015!  The entire thing is mind-blowing enough, in the fact that Disney outright bought Lucasfilm … but then, without waiting for their giant platinum diamond encrusted credit card to cool off, Disney announces A NEW STAR WARS TRILOGY!  Holy Hell.

Think of the possibilities!  A new Star Wars trilogy WITHOUT George Lucas.  Even MORE Star Wars merchandise that nobody wants!  And most certainly we can put away our fan fiction with the inevitable official crossovers!  Hulk-on-Wookie action is no longer an “if”.  It’s a “when”.

Who will Disney buy next?  Only a few more companies and they will be able to erect their very own $852 Quadrillion Death Star.


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4 responses to “Disney Buys Lucasfilm!

  • Jake

    Not sooo fast. Just read that Episode VII will be an ALL NEW Star Wars story that is not based on any other existing material… and while I think that that is actually a really great way to play it, George Lucas left behind one little gift for everyone before he signed away his beloved Star Wars… the treatment for the new trilogy was written by none other than “Weird Chin” Lucas himself!!! So a new trilogy without Lucas…. kind of.

  • Jason Tanner

    I mean, Lucasfilm was the logical next step in acquisitions for Disney, right? ESPN/ABC, Pixar, Marvel, and now…Lucasfilm. HOLY SHIT!

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