Episode 09/23/12

Today on the show, we are joined by an illustrious guest and friend, Greg!

A certain movie has justifiable cause for a search and seizure… on our heartstrings?  It’s the Cinema Recon review of End of Watch!  (0:11:00)

In the news… (1:00:40)

  • Baywatch 911!
  • Stephen King to release The Shinning 2!! (What, do you want us to get sued?!)
  • Photos of Bat-robo-ninja-cop revealed!
  • Al Pacino IS… Joe Paterno?
  • Daniel Day-Lewis takes on the iconic vampire hunting role of Abraham Lincoln!
  • Chris Nolan says you will watch his Dark Knight Rises and you will like it!
  • Hello!  Book of Mormon to be a feature film?
  • Rupert Wyatt says So Long you Damn Dirty Apes!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 09/23/12

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