Focus Features breaks their Eastern Promises!

As being reported by Collider, the once thought to be slated film Eastern Promises 2 is no more.  Focus Features has apparently pulled the plug on the sequel to 2007’s (you guessed it) Eastern Promises.

The film would have reunited director David Cronenberg and actor Viggo Mortensen, who worked together on the first film, as well as the recent A Dangerous Method.  (The two also worked together on the stellar A History of Violence…seriously, add that one to your queue)

When Viggo Mortensen was asked of his feelings on the abandoned project, he stated “A shame, a real shame.  I was really looking forward to giving audiences another full frontal nudity scene of yours truly.  A sad day in cinema, to be sure.”

(Viggo of course said nothing of the sort, but he did go full monty in Eastern Promises)

Eastern Promises 2 was scheduled to begin shooting in October.

Pants? Where we’re going we don’t need…pants

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