Final TV Interview with Orson Welles Recorded Hours Before He Died

Listening to the rain, enjoying a cup of coffee and suffering from some writers block on the guitar I did what anyone would do, surf the Internets! While doing so I stumbled upon an awesome interview on The clip is from The Merv Griffin Show on October 10, 1985. Orson Welles is the guest, and at the age of 70, he discusses life, old age, youth, the luck he had in his career and the women he had in his life. The interesting thing about this interview is that mere hours later, Welles will suffer a heart attack and pass away.

I am not going to sit here and rant about how Orson Welles was brilliant and the best thing since sliced bread, how Citizen Cane was the best movie ever made, or how The War of The Worlds was the bees knees (which it was by the way). Because in all honesty, I am not very familiar with all the works of Welles and his career. But that doesn’t mean I do not know who he is and how to appreciate a good thing when I see it, and to respect it. No big long rant here, I cant say anything that would be more cool than how this man carries himself. Listen to the interview and enjoy the whit and wisdom.

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