Some Minor Cinema Recon Site Tweaks!

For your listening/reading pleasure, we here at Cinema Recon are constantly tinkering with our formats and trying to come up with new ideas. Most recently there have been two tweaks to the site that will hopefully make your Cinema Recon experience all the more betters.

1) The Review Section – See that clickable word at the top of your screen that says “Reviews”? That is where you (yeah, YOU) can go to discover all of the movies we have reviewed on the show. Where once they were simply listed (booooo, Boring!), they are now in the form of pretty, clickable posters (Yay! Not boring at all!) which will take you directly to the show containing that particular and hilarious review.

2) Time Stamps – Here on Cinema Recon, we try to provide as much quality content as possible. Shows are typically 2-3 hours long so that you can spread them across your week like warm, delicious, buttery butter across a piece of toast that you already buttered, so its extra buttery. We understand that finding your favorite jokes/topics/dumb-things-that-Jake-says can be daunting, so we have included these little guys —> (0:00:00).

That is a Time Stamp, and they are in every show description, appearing right next to a corresponding topic. Just go to that (hour:minute:second) in your audio player and BAM! Your ears are teleported to whatever specific sweet, sweet CR sound you were craving. Give it a try!

If you have any improvements you’d like to recommend for the show/site, comment below, or write to us at!

Currently under production in the CR Labs: 3D Audio Podcasts! Stay Tuned!


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