Episode 11/13/11

Today on the show, we are visited by our dear friend and fellow movie aficionado Billy!  Keep on the lookout for future posts from Billy on the site!

Why are we wearing rubbery old man masks and our mothers’ dresses, you ask??  Well, it’s the Cinema Recon review of J. Edgar, of course!  (11:50)

We also utter the word “beautiful” about 700 times with confused, bewildered, and sleepy looks on our faces.  Cinema Recon climbs The Tree of Life(01:23:48)

It’s certainly easy to be smug and judgmental when you have won as many awards as this show! …*cough*… But we put on our most unbiased faces and examine the movies in Hollywood unabashedly clamoring for those little gold statues!  It’s the Cinema Recon “Oscar Bait” discussion!  (46:30)

In the news…  (02:10:27)

  • Eddie Murphy is too busy apologizing for Tower Heist to host the Oscars!
  • Fact:  Adam Sandler can slap you in the face and you’ll promptly give him $10!
  • Magneto takes his addiction to the next level and wants to cover every inch of his body in sweet, shiny metal!
  • Modern Warfare 3 is bigger than Star Wars AND Lord of the Rings??  Shut up and take my money!!
  • Newly released Snow White and the Huntsman trailer is….good?!  Well I’ll be a son of a witch
  •  Warner Bros. has all the “pieces” in place for their next big franchise!  Be sure to “block” out any plans you have summer 2014!!  (it’s a LEGO movie)

Listen below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  CR: Episode 11/13/11

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