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Look at this adorable baby! Now go listen to Cinema Recon!

Here it is… more proof that Cinema Recon is more enjoyable than peach & spinach baby food! If the other picture wasn’t proof enough, here is even more evidence that babies love Cinema Recon! And babies know whats up, on the real. Look at this hip baby listening to her Cinema Recon, on her iPhone 4s, bossing Siri around – “Siri, find me the most knowledgeable, hilarious movie review podcast on all of the Internets.” “HERE, LISTEN TO CINEMA RECON (read in robot voice).” So if this baby is smart enough to know we rock, what are you waiting for, go listen to some Cinema Recon! After all, you’re smarter than a baby right!?

Cinema Recon does not endorse babies eating electronic devices - unless you're this cute.

Even babies love Cinema Recon!

The power of Cinema Recon cannot be stopped! Feast your eyes on this amazing image for absolute proof that Cinema Recon is the best thing in the world, ever. Why is it the best thing in the world ever you might ask? It’s because we transcend all genres, all demographics, and all language barriers! Even infants who cant speak love Cinema Recon as proven by the picture of this adorable baby obviously listening to the latest podcast and enjoying the hell out of it. But this baby not only has exceptional taste in podcasts but also in clothing! She is wearing the latest addition from our winter line of baby onesies (aren’t they fierce?), made to keep babies comfortable and fashionable all year long, or until they outgrow it I guess. They will be the hippest infant at the coffee shop while they strap on their headphones, sip their non-fat latte, get out their iPhones and listen to the warm, fuzzy, and fierce tones of Cinema Recon.

I like it when Jake says "wreck shop."

CinemaRecon.com is LIVE!

Today’s the day!  After months of prep work, we have finally launched the website.  We are recording this week’s show today, so look for it very soon.  We also have the last four weeks of shows just waiting to infiltrate your ears.  You can find them ready to stream or download in the Show Archives.

So what are you waiting for?!  Stop reading this and start listening to some CR!

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