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Cinema Recon at SXSW 2012!

South by Southwest is one of the biggest Music and Film festivals on the planet, and Cinema Recon has a front row seat for the action!

That’s right, we are packing up the show and taking it to Austin, TX!  While there, Cinema Recon will be sponsoring three HUGE Music Showcases hosted by our dear friends at Deadbird Records!  The Cinema Recon booth will be firmly entrenched, with Paul and Jake recording new podcasts, interviewing the headlining bands, chatting it up with CR Fans, unveiling brand new CR schwag, and much much more!

Cinema Recon also has the esteemed privilege of viewing several SXSW World Premiere films!  Confirmed so far for review on the show: 21 Jump Street and The Hunter

If you are in the Austin area for SXSW, come join us!  Check out the following for a summary of where you can find Cinema Recon at SXSW 2012:


Drive soundtrack to be released in all sorts of awesomeness!

Don’t stare at me! That pretty much sums up the review that Paul and I did for the movie Drive staring Ryan Gosling, however it was one of our special unreleased shows. Most movie critics can’t stop talking about how much they freaking loved the movie Drive and how it was genius and blah blah blah whatever, but Paul and I didn’t see what the big deal was. First off it was marketed as a Fast and Furious, action style driving movie, when in reality there was actually bout 1.6 driving scenes. Second, nothing really happened… at all. Everyone just kind of stared at each other… like… all the time. It was really annoying. In all honesty during our review I did say that I wanted to give it another watch when it comes out to rent/buy because I feel like I wanted to like it, but just didn’t upon my first viewing.

BUT, one thing I specifically remember really liking was the soundtrack. It was an absolutely awesome, retro 80’s electronic-rock throwback sound which played along with the movie perfectly (although I didn’t care for the movie much). But the soundtrack I specifically remember being really bad ass. And now, good news. I just read on Collider that the soundtrack and Cliff Martinez‘ score will be released as a double vinyl album in June of 2012. And while that’s not awesome enough that it’s on vinyl, it will be released by Mondo with artist Tyler Stout designing the album cover and packaging. Yeah, who’s staring at who now!?

This is awesome on many levels. First, vinyl is far superior to the audio quality on your fancy-pants iPhone which uses MP3/4. Second, all you hipster kids with your skinny jeans love vinyl because it’s really cool and abstract and nobody else uses it or knows about it. Third, Mondo is awesome and makes really really ridiculously cool shit. Fourth, Tyler Stout makes some really really ridiculously cool art. And fifth, there is also going to be a limited edition screen-printed poster!!! Boom so there you have it, the bad ass soundtrack for Drive coming out as a double vinyl in June… now if only I didn’t trade in my record player for that set of bell bottoms…

Hey look, Jake was right. I’m just staring all the time.

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